Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Kindness #1

This year, once a week, I teach a kindness lesson to my 6th graders. I use picture books, videos, articles, poems, etc. I started the year with the awesome book Each Kindness. After each resource is shared, my students will reflect and journal about it. I ask them a guiding questions such as:

1. What is the theme or main idea of the piece?
2. Why is this piece important?
3. Why would I show/read this to you?
4. What is the author trying to teach us?

After a few minutes of writing, we discuss and share our ideas. My goal is to continue teaching kindness throughout the year. Then, in 4th quarter, we will do some sort of final Kindness project/culminating activity. I am still figuring that out.

Here are some resources used so far:

Each Kindness


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